Small group Q&As guiding employees toward healthier relationships.
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eJournaling is a platform for sharing who you are, as a person, in a safe way with only the people in your close group or team. Our database of fun, simple yet thought-provoking questions (download samples above) prompt users to engage over time without having to think or figure out what to say. There’s virtually no learning curve. Literally, 7 years old kids use the family-version worldwide with ease to strengthen relationships.

Like letter writing back in the day, the written word is powerful for expressing ourselves and being heard by others. The research is clear and this is what your workforce wants and needs to feel valued and like they matter. A few minutes of real and authentic sharing can make all the difference in bringing people closer together, understanding one another and creating the culture that helps organizations thrive!

eJournaling represents a turning-point in balancing wellness; one focused on emotional and mental health at its core. Our entire purpose is to help strengthen your organization where it matters most - the people. When you're ready, we'll be here.
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"Corporate eJournal helped our team build trust and find a level of comfort that directly contributed to increased productivity and overall engagement in the office. Simply taking a few minutes out of the day to learn about and connect with my coworkers through eJournal had an incredibly positive impact in the office."
- Ryan O., Development Engineer
"My team used Corporate eJournal in a start-up environment where no one had ever worked together before. I've never been part of a team that coalesced so quickly! The eJournal entries brought out helpful (and hilarious) insights about each team member and built camaraderie that enhanced collaboration and productivity. Moreover, I believe better understanding each other allowed for more respectful debates which generated better and more creative solutions to problems."
- Clint W., Director of Product Development
"As a professional with prior mental health counseling experience, I understand the importance and value of communication and connection and Corporate eJournal has developed a way to facilitate healthy connections. I highly recommend eJournaling for large groups as it appears to contribute to emotional and mental health and overall well-being."
- Trey Asbury, Ph.D., Associate Psychology Professor

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