Connecting as people first.

We believe most employees struggle to feel heard and valued. When an employee feels like they do not matter, especially to their boss or management, then organizational culture turns negative (88% of businesses today), people disengage (80% of the global workforce) or quit (75% due to manager relationships). Our mission is to help your team connect, as people first. Authentic connection creates a foundation based on knowledge and understanding from which a team will thrive together.

We prompt small groups with questions so each person can share their perspective on all manner of topics, fun and serious. It’s not therapy or a series of surveys. It’s an opportunity to build authentic relationships in just a few minutes per week. It’s just fun!

I'm a Manager.
I want to strengthen my TEAM!

I want to help my team succeed by helping each member know and understand one another, as people first.

I'm an HR / Wellness Professional.
I want a thriving ORGANIZATION!

Cultures thrive when people are happy. People are happiest when they feel heard, valued and understood especially by their superiors.

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eJournaling will help you...

Share Your Perspective
  • Questions provided in sets of 4 from our database.
  • Answer as much or as little as you like.
  • Take the time you need to answer however you want and know you can edit your answers anytime.

Learn Others' Perspective
  • Read your team members' answers. (Rule #1: You must complete that question set first.)
  • Think about their answers and what it means to them and you.
  • When appropriate, you can follow-up and continue the conversation offline.
Improve Your Understanding
  • The more we know and understand each other the less conflict we have.
  • Learning about someone, a little at a time, helps build rapport and strengthen relationships.
  • The stronger our relationships the more likely we are to listen, compromise, negotiate and empathize.

Build Your Relationships
  • Positive relationships are the foundation for nurturing Emotional Health.
  • Emotional Health is the primary driver of behavior.
  • The more constructive our behavior the greater opportunity we have to thrive.

I'm ready to strengthen my TEAM »
I want a thriving ORGANIZATION »

"Corporate eJournal helped our team build trust and find a level of comfort that directly contributed to increased productivity and overall engagement in the office. Simply taking a few minutes out of the day to learn about and connect with my coworkers through eJournal had an incredibly positive impact in the office."
- Ryan O., Development Engineer

Did you know there's published research on CorporateeJournal's predecessor Learn more how eJournaling improves connection and strengthens relationships.

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